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Product Description

Designed for conduit installation, the Universal Power/Motor Controller, 20 A (110/220 VAC input) is a dual 20-amp AC power and motor controller. Configure a wide range of power and motor control modes for a full range of devices ranging from simple wall panels with low voltage contact closure to large systems requiring high voltage contact closure.

The UPC20+ supports two primary operating modes. In Motor Control Mode, the two relays are automatically activated in sequence with an adjustable delay from 0 to 90 seconds. In this mode, there are three control options:
- Single Button Mode operates with one pushbutton in a sequence: Up, Stop, Down, Stop and so on for each successive button press.
- Two/Three Button Mode operates with two pushbuttons, one for Up and one for Down and optionally one for stop.
- Momentary On/Off operates the first relay only while the button is pressed and then second the relay activates when the button is released.

In Power Control mode, the UPC20+ provides power control for two independent circuits with a combined total load of 20 Amps. In this mode, there are three control options:
- Momentary Power Mode operates the selected relay only while the button is pressed. The relay is de-activated when the button is released.
- Latching Power Mode toggles between activating and deactivating the selected relay on each successive button press.
- Two Button On/Off Mode uses two buttons for each relay, one to activate and one to deactivate.

- 1, 2 and 3-button logic modes
- Local test switches with status LEDs
- 120, 240, and 277 VAC control capability
- ETL listed


Current overload protection (max)20 A
Technical details
Input voltage110 - 220 V
Input frequency50 - 60 Hz
Current overload protection (max)20 A
Weight & dimensions
Weight1.4 kg
Dimensions (WxDxH)110 x 60 x 270 mm


Product code: FG672
£281.90 ex. VAT
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