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Zebra ZKDU-001-00 printer accessibility accessory

Product Description

Designed for applications where space is at a premium, Zebra’s Keyboard Display Units (KDUs) connect directly to Zebra printers and eliminate the need for bulky host computers. Available in two models, the ZKDU and KDU Plus, these accessories are compatible with Zebra EPL and ZPL programming languages—
ensuring they operate with most Zebra desktop, high-performance and industrial or commercial

Zebra KDUs enable users to quickly and easily:
- Retrieve stored forms.
- Enter variable data.
- Print labels in stand-alone mode.
Since all work can be conducted at the point of application, Zebra KDUs help users eliminate time spent walking back and forth from a dedicated printer, and reduce associated costs and errors.


Product typeKeyboard
Device interfaceRS-232
Product colourBlack
Keyboard key switchMembrane
Built-in displayYes

Zebra ZKDU-001-00 printer accessibility accessory

Product code: ZKDU-001-00
£165.45 ex. VAT
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