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Digitus DA-70612 handheld device accessory Black

Product Description

The USB-C Power Monitor is simply connected between a USB-C port (for example, a laptop/PC, power supply, USB charger, power bank, etc.) and the device to be checked. The illuminated display shows simultaneously volts, amps and the added current in milliampere-hours. With the versatile USB-C Power Monitor, measure e.g. the actual capacity of your power banks, check the function of USB power supply units, detect sources of error when supplying external USB devices (e.g. external hard disk cases), test USB cables for their suitability as charging cables, or monitor your own projects for desired functions. The data lines are looped through and any connected USB-C device (e.g. USB-C hub/adapter) can be operated normally and the readings are recorded under normal operating conditions. The power supply is via the USB-C connector, with no additional batteries or a power source required.


Technical details
Connector 2USB-A
Connector 1USB-C
Mobile device typeMobile computer,Mobile phone/Smartphone,Tablet/UMPC
Weight & dimensions
Weight10 g
Width20 mm
Height9 mm
Depth63 mm
Product colourBlack

Digitus DA-70612 handheld device accessory Black

Product code: DA-70612
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