Awards & Accreditations

Industry standards

We are certified to the British Standards Institute (BSI) which ensures that various aspects of quality, security and environmental management are achieved across our services, and consistently meet customer’s requirements.

XMA XMA XMA St Albans XMA St Albans
 BSI Assurance Mark ISO 27001  BSI Assurance Mark ISO 9001  BSI Assurance Mark ISO 20000  BSI Assurance Mark ISO 14001
IS 636555 FM 636554 ITMS 636556 EMS 636553

The purpose of the Information Security Management System (ISMS) is to protect our information assets, in all formats, from all threats, internal or external, deliberate and or accidental.

This ISMS is designed in accordance to international standards and to enable compliance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and relevant UK and European legislation, laws and regulations.  Its primary function is to preserve the reputation of XMA Limited and Viglen Limited for consistent, reliable and safe service and to minimise the risks to information.

The ISMS defines the methods and accountabilities for managing information in order to preserve:

a.     Confidentiality – To prevent disclosure of information to unauthorised persons

b.     Integrity – To assure that information is correct, reliable and complete

c.     Availability – To assure that information is available to those who need it, when they need it.

The responsibility for the ISMS is held with the Director of Operations, who ensures that all departments and staff co-operate and comply with the relevant ISMS procedures. 

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