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Datalogic HLD-8000

Product Description

PowerScan® PM8300-DK Industrial Handheld Laser Bar Code
Reader with Datalogic's STAR Cordless System™

Radio communications are offered in 433 or 910 MHz radio frequencies (check with your local Datalogic Representative for frequencies allowed in your country). Optics are available in Standard or Auto Range. Additional model options include removable battery and/or display with a 3-key or 16-key keypad. Multi-interface base station includes additional option with support for RS-485 and is available with Datalogic's PreScan™ Queue-Busting Software. Scanners and base station/charger can be ordered separately or as kits that include scanner, base station/charger, cable and power supply. Additional batteries, battery chargers, cables power supplies and cords, stands and holsters are some of the available accessories.


CompatibilityPowerScan PM8300
PowerScan PM8500
PowerScan PD8300
PowerScan PD8500

Datalogic HLD-8000

Product code: HLD-P080
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