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Roth Audio SUB-ZERO3

Product Description

The Roth Sub Zero III has been designed to give you the high definition audio you need to accompany your HD picture.

Utilising HDMI (2 in/1 Out ARC enabled) Optical Bluetooth and Analogue inputs the Sub Zero III will connect easily to any TV or audio source - even wirelessly from your laptop mobile ‘phone or tablet.

With no need for a separate subwoofer the Sub Zero III has two built-in Ultra-Bass passive drivers 2 bass drivers and 2 full range drivers allowing full frequency range audio in a single discrete unit.

Designed to perform in any room large or small the Sub Zero III will bring new life to your TV and you’ll hear detailed audio like never before. Using Roth MA DSP sound processing you’ll also get a tremendous home cinema experience.

The Sub Zero III can be wall or table mounted and at just 80mm deep will complement any room. Set up is also simple so there will be no delay in enjoying your favourite movies or music.

*No Subwoofer

Amplifier Power90 Watts


Roth Audio SUB-ZERO3

Product code: SUB-ZERO3
£128.70 ex. VAT
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