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Hewlett Packard Enterprise U7986E installation service

Product Description

HP Installation NAS/Proliant StorSvr SVC - Storage NAS 1000s;320Gb - 640Gb - 1Tb - Installation service for Network Attached Storage per product?s installation doc. 8am-5pm - Std bus days - excl HP hol

HP Installation Service for ProLiant Storage Server provides for the unpacking, installation, and basic configuration of your HP ProLiant Storage Server (network attached storage [NAS]) device, connection of all cables, and initial verification tests as described in the product manual. During the configuration process, the HP service specialist will use a setup wizard to set required network addresses, configure a sample user file share, and map that file share to a host. A sample file data copy, or Snapshot, is also created. A brief orientation session is provided that will include an explanation of the product features and a demonstration of verification tests, including host access to the storage share and to the Snapshot copy.

- Service planning.
- Installation verification tests (IVT).
- Customer orientation session.

- System installation and setup by an HP technical specialist. Reduced implementation time and cost. Verification prior to installation that all service prerequisites have been met. Availability of an HP service specialist to answer basic questions related to this service during the orientation session. Delivery of the service at a mutually scheduled time convenient to your organization.
- Reduction of incidents by anticipating issues through real-time monitoring of the environment and case history trend reporting Through the availability to purchase options, Proactive Care helps you by providing:.
- Increased accountability and personalization through the assignment of an account support team that will provide support planning and reviews • Maximize return on IT assets through performance and availability analysis.
- Simplified operations from fully utilizing management software • Flexible resourcing through access to skills on demand that can help with peak workload and project requirements.


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Hewlett Packard Enterprise U7986E installation service

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